Vitamin B12

For a long time I have been struggling with constant tiredness and could sleep for Ireland. If I had a chance of a nap during the day I’d take it. I could sleep for two hours, or more, during the day and still sleep all night. I feel overwhelmed by tiredness which I have not experienced before.  I couldn’t understand why this should be but when I really sat and thought about it I wondered if it has coincided with my giving up dairy (I am lactose intolerant). As I am also pretty much meat free and totally dairy free I have concluded that I am most likely vitamin B12 deficient as it is primarily derived from animal sources. When I looked into the symptoms of B12 deficiency I pretty much had them all. One symptom that really surprised me is foot pain. I have been having major problems with this and I struggle to walk long distances and was in agony on a recent trip to London. It’s really starting to make sense now. As it can take weeks to get a GP appointment I went ahead and bought a B12 supplement and yeast flakes with B12 and have started taking them. I am looking forward to a new lease of life. Will keep you posted.

Off on a wee trip

The family are off to London tomorrow for a couple of days. I have been quite a few times but not for many years, not since the boys came along anyway. My OH also been many times and more recently than me as he has run the London marathon a few times recently. Interestingly we have never been as a couple. So it will be very interesting to experience all that busyness and noise and crowds and culture with the children as neither of them have been. I have no doubt it will be hectic and we will return home shattered on Sunday but it will all be worth it. 

His precious things

I am always fascinated by the things my youngest has in his pockets. There’s always stuff in them and at various times lots have been missed by me and nearly wrecked the washing machine! It could be stones (he went through a phase of picking up the coloured stones from graves); a feather; an ‘interesting’ piece of wood, a button … There are numerous boxes in his room containing these treasures with various warnings on them such as ‘ keep out’ and ‘top sekrit’. My older son was the same so maybe it’s something most little boys do. I find it very endearing that these random and ordinary items are treasure in his young and wondrous eyes.

All is calm

Doris is on her way. The latest winter storm is due to hit overnight so I will probably not get much sleep tonight because I just hate the wind. It makes me worry. I get up in the night and look out, even though I can’t see anything! Such a worrier. Tonight my youngest has his cousin over to stay overnight and they are supposed to be sleeping but I can hear them chattering and playing. The older boy is back at school because they had a shorter half term so he’s in bed. If the noise levels increase it’ll be lights out.  I thought they’d be shattered tonight as they both had a sleepover at their granny’s last night and were up later than usual. I had planned on taking them to the beach in the morning so unless Doris has passed us by I can forget that idea. I really hope that she has as I’d love a walk on the beach with a bit of treasure hunting thrown in. 

So I am cosy in bed surrounded by my boys so all is well in the calm before the storm.

Finding the time to blog

I find it quite hard to find the time to blog. There’s always something else to do, but is it always something more important to do? I was thinking again about having a schedule, not a rigid, strict kind of thing but just a tool to assist me make better use of my time. I took voluntary redundancy last March and the past year has been wonderful, absolutely precious and I wouldn’t change it for the world. However, reflection I think I could have made better use of my time. Or am I being too hard on myself? So what did I do in the past year?

  • I spent lots and lots of time with my boys
  • I left them to and collected them from school nearly every day
  • The family had a fantastic holiday in Portugal 
  • I went to Barcelona with some friends and had a lovely time 
  • I had many lunches with different friends 
  • I had a weekend away with my oldest friend
  • I read a lot 
  • I napped  a lot
  • I de-stressed
  • I totally transformed our bedroom from a dumping ground to a de-cluttered, calm space 
  • I cooked from scratch  a lot
  • I tried many new recipes 
  • I threw out, recycled much of our clutter 
  • I finally painted the utility room (NEVER painted since built a few years ago)
  • I became happy and relaxed 

Now I think about it I made excellent use of my time. Much of it was spent on ME which we don’t get to do very well when we work outside the home, work inside the home, have children…

Now on to the next phase … a new job. Maybe this is the ideal time to think about that schedule/ routine planner.