There’s a whole other world out there to be discovered …

I deleted my FB app off my phone and tablet. I didn’t deactivate my account as I have done numerous times in the past. I can still have access to it but it’s not so handy now. I will keep it because some friends contact me through messenger and it’s nice to see school photos etc on it. However, I might let it go … I’ll see how often I check it. I was finding myself constantly checking it on my phone and realised that most of it just wasn’t that interesting or important. My old phone didn’t have much storage so I didn’t have FB on it but now I have upgraded my phone I put it on and it’s just too tempting. I was also looking at it for ages in bed at night and by the time I came to read my book I was so tired I could only read a few pages which was awful as I LOVE reading. So now that I am more or less FB-free I can blog more and have been checking out other blogs and some of them look good. There’s a whole other world of interesting and lovely blogs out there and I’m going to enjoy checking them out.


2 thoughts on “There’s a whole other world out there to be discovered …

    • It is tough though because I keep checking it now and then just to see but I’m really not missing anything. I have deactivated my account in the past but went back to it. This time I think when I do that’ll be it – FOREVER. Good luck on your FB withdrawal!!!

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