The weather is pure s**t here at the minute.

My youngest finished school today and I am hoping and praying for a few days of good weather. I’ll not be greedy and ask for it to be sunny and hot until the end of September but the odd bloody day or, God forbid, week would be lovely. Life is so much better when it’s sunny isn’t it? I know … I know I should be used to it, it’s Ireland after all but I will NEVER get used to summers of rain rain rain. It’s so cold too. I had to put socks and a jumper on last night about 9 o clock … not impressed at all. I wonder do those reading this on the island of Ireland or in the UK feel the same? Every year we are lulled into a false sense of “summer’s here” – we get really excited and the patio furniture is cleaned up, the gardening is started, new plants bought, pretty fairy lights put up, new garden toys purchased, summer clothes taken down from the attic etc etc. We just start really enjoying the outdoors, going to the beach straight after school, eating outside, relaxing in the garden while the children frolic on the water slide … and then … it’s all over … summer’s gone. The garden’s a quagmire, the garden toys are abandoned, the fairy lights are put away. Until next year when we get our 2 weeks of summer again.


One thought on “The weather is pure s**t here at the minute.

  1. I’m absolutely with you on this one. As a Mancunian we also see more than our fair share of rain – I’m sure I heard someone say this summer was going to be our hottest summer yet! Ah well we can but dream! We had a lovely couple of days in the garden – paddling pool out for our granddaughters, fairy garden planted and now all a big sludgy mess! Ah well maybe next year…. x

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