The Nature Table

I went to primary school in the 70’s and one of my fondest memories of that time is the class nature table. They were small spaces, usually a small table or corner if a shelf. The children were encouraged to bring things in for display. They were laden with twigs, leaves, pine cones, conkers, feathers and we could look at them and touch them. We went on nature walks and I remember learning about haws and blackberries and we could identify different trees, flowers and berries. Ah…those were the days. I was dismayed to learn that my children’s school doesn’t have such tables. My son brought a very small (washed and germ-free) animal skull, that he had found on the beach, in to show the class. The teacher balked at it and told him she would show it to the class. She never did and he was so disappointed. She didn’t even need to touch it a as it was in a box on a bed of cotton wool. I was disappointed for him. Do any schools have nature tables? Maybe it’s frowned upon as being unhygenic. Anyway we have one in our hallway in time for the abundance of autumn. I can’t wait to fill it.



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