Finding the time to blog

I find it quite hard to find the time to blog. There’s always something else to do, but is it always something more important to do? I was thinking again about having a schedule, not a rigid, strict kind of thing but just a tool to assist me make better use of my time. I took voluntary redundancy last March and the past year has been wonderful, absolutely precious and I wouldn’t change it for the world. However, reflection I think I could have made better use of my time. Or am I being too hard on myself? So what did I do in the past year?

  • I spent lots and lots of time with my boys
  • I left them to and collected them from school nearly every day
  • The family had a fantastic holiday in Portugal 
  • I went to Barcelona with some friends and had a lovely time 
  • I had many lunches with different friends 
  • I had a weekend away with my oldest friend
  • I read a lot 
  • I napped  a lot
  • I de-stressed
  • I totally transformed our bedroom from a dumping ground to a de-cluttered, calm space 
  • I cooked from scratch  a lot
  • I tried many new recipes 
  • I threw out, recycled much of our clutter 
  • I finally painted the utility room (NEVER painted since built a few years ago)
  • I became happy and relaxed 

Now I think about it I made excellent use of my time. Much of it was spent on ME which we don’t get to do very well when we work outside the home, work inside the home, have children…

Now on to the next phase … a new job. Maybe this is the ideal time to think about that schedule/ routine planner.