All is calm

Doris is on her way. The latest winter storm is due to hit overnight so I will probably not get much sleep tonight because I just hate the wind. It makes me worry. I get up in the night and look out, even though I can’t see anything! Such a worrier. Tonight my youngest has his cousin over to stay overnight and they are supposed to be sleeping but I can hear them chattering and playing. The older boy is back at school because they had a shorter half term so he’s in bed. If the noise levels increase it’ll be lights out.  I thought they’d be shattered tonight as they both had a sleepover at their granny’s last night and were up later than usual. I had planned on taking them to the beach in the morning so unless Doris has passed us by I can forget that idea. I really hope that she has as I’d love a walk on the beach with a bit of treasure hunting thrown in. 

So I am cosy in bed surrounded by my boys so all is well in the calm before the storm.


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