Vitamin B12

For a long time I have been struggling with constant tiredness and could sleep for Ireland. If I had a chance of a nap during the day I’d take it. I could sleep for two hours, or more, during the day and still sleep all night. I feel overwhelmed by tiredness which I have not experienced before.  I couldn’t understand why this should be but when I really sat and thought about it I wondered if it has coincided with my giving up dairy (I am lactose intolerant). As I am also pretty much meat free and totally dairy free I have concluded that I am most likely vitamin B12 deficient as it is primarily derived from animal sources. When I looked into the symptoms of B12 deficiency I pretty much had them all. One symptom that really surprised me is foot pain. I have been having major problems with this and I struggle to walk long distances and was in agony on a recent trip to London. It’s really starting to make sense now. As it can take weeks to get a GP appointment I went ahead and bought a B12 supplement and yeast flakes with B12 and have started taking them. I am looking forward to a new lease of life. Will keep you posted.


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