The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

A travel journalist gets the rare opportunity to go on a trip – an all expenses paid trip on a luxury cruise to see the Northern Lights – sounds absolutely heavenly but ended up as a nightmare when she thinks she witnesses a crime on board. What follows is truly terrifying for her and the story was thrilling.

I just finished this novel last night. I read until 2am which was ridiculous because I can’t have long lie ins with an energetic son who gets up early but as my oh was getting up early today I thought I would live dangerously and finish the book. I had read The Handmaid’s Tale prior to this so I wanted to read something light and easy. This did the job – it was easy to read and the story ran smoothly and was engaging. I was quite surprised by the ending as I hadn’t guessed who ‘did it’ as it were. I don’t read a lot of thrillers but I enjoyed this. Worth a read.





The Handmaid’s Tale

I read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Attwood a number of years ago. I have read most of her books and they are absolutely fantastic tales. I am currently watching the TV adaptation which is being shown on Channel 4 in the UK. It is a fantastic adaptation and is quietly horrifying. It portrays a society where the government has been overthrown and fertile women are chosen to become reproductive ‘vessels’ for women unable to have children. They become prisoners and are raped by their new ‘masters’ while being held down by their master’s wives. It tells the tale of Offred who is played brilliantly by Elisabeth Moss. It is well worth watching on catch up. 

I think I’m going to re-read Margaret Attwoods’s novels. I recommend them all.


A History of Ireland in 250 Episodes

I loved history at school and studied it to A-level. Looking back I wish I had studied history and maybe english at degree level. Anyway I could go back and do another degree but I can’t afford it so decided to just enjoy re-learning history. I’m starting off with the above title, just a few pages per night before my novel. However, it’s very readable and I’m reading more than a few. Utterly amazing. Does anyone else read factual books for pleasure? If so, what is your choice?

Himself – a novel by Jess Kidd 

I loved this book. Debut novel by the talented Jess Kidd. It’s about a young Irish man who having been brought up in care, returns to the village where he was born. He goes with the intention of finding out what happened to his mother and who his father is\was. The village is full of characters, both dead and alive. The author has developed the characters really well and I was totally drawn into the insular, small-minded community. I loved her descriptions of the village’s ‘departed’ residents and their antics. Highly recommended and I look forward to her next story.

Here’s a link to the reviews on Goodreads:

A Man Called Ove

I absolutely adored this novel by the Swedish author Fredrik Backman. It’s the first novel of his I’ve read and it was a delight. The characters are so well rounded and I missed them when the book was finished. I just love and hate that about books .. you love the characters so much but hate it when the story ends. It’s basically about a lonely and grumpy old man who is sucked into the lives of his new neighbours and there follows a series of events that change his life forever. It’s funny and sad and Ove is adorable.. I wish he was my neighbour … on second thought maybe not actually.

I think you might like this book – “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman.

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Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler

I haven’t read an Anne Tyler novel in years and had forgotten how much I love her writing. I read a review of this one in a magazine recently and then spotted it at a bookshop at the airport. So … I bought it even though I had 3 novels on my tablet for holiday reading. It was fabulous and I just loved the main character. I think that’s Tyler’s strength – her characters are so complete and she portrays them so well that you feel like you know them and I felt sad when I finished it. It WAS too short though. 

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

I have never read any Stephen King novels and I knew he wasn’t all about horror so I asked a friend to recommend one that she thought might be a good start. So on her advice I just started The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and on the basis of it being a thriller rather than a horror. Just started it last night but only read a few pages before sleep came. Will keep you posted.