Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

I am currently reading this to my 8 year old. We are reading mostly chapter books now. It’s been so hard to leave the old favourite picture books behind … not for him though … me! I love that he’s growing up and is now doing lots of independent reading but I will miss the old ones. 

Flora and Ulysses is a great read. It’s about a squirrel who gets sucked into a hoover and develops ‘powers’. Oh, and his sidekick a 10 year old girl called Flora. It’s very funny and the chapters are short so there’s lots of “please one more chapter mum”.

I look forward to finding out what happens to the unlikely duo.



Little boys

This is what my 8 (in 2 days time) year old son packed to camp in the playhouse (in the garden) with his dad last night. After reading a story from this book we thought it would be a good idea. 

I absolutely love the Alfie books and love love love the illustrations. 

My son is a bit old for them now but sometimes I can persuade him to let me read him a couple for his bedtime stories.

So last night of course it was lashing down so their plan to toast marshmallows had to be altered and this took place just inside the garage instead of in the garden but he still enjoyed it but then sugar was involved!! They had a lovely time.