City of Bones

​I recently read this young adult novel because my teenage son had recently done so and I like to sometimes check out what he’s reading if it’s something that he has enjoyed. I still really miss cuddling up with him to read at bedtime even though it’s been a long time since we have done that. I loved reading to him when he was younger, just having that time together, relaxed and lost in the story. We enjoyed so many books, particularly Road Dahl and the Harry Potter series. 

Anyway this book was quite good. The central character has been introduced to a world of warlocks, vampires and creatures she thought only existed in people’s imagination. I think it’s quite engaging and full of suspense and also quite well written. I went on to read the second in the series, City of Ashes and it was OK too. That was enough for me though but I can see how they would appeal to a younger teenager. There are 6 in the series which is always good for Birthday/ Christmas presents.