Soup weather

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live but here on the North coast of Northern Ireland some days are definitely ‘soup’ weather days. I love soup and I make it alot. I attended a Slimming World group recently and one member was very enthuastic about her soup maker and how quick and easy they are to use. I had briefly thought about getting one in the past but very quickly dismissed it as another kitchen gadget to gather dust in a cupboard. After hearing about the benefits of having one I decided to go ahead and get one. She had mentioned that they are quite often on promotion at half price in supermarkets so I had started to keep an eye out for a bargain. In the end my OH bought me one as a wee surprise and arrived on Wednesday.

It is very easy to use:

  1. Put your chosen chopped vegetables in the base up to the minimum level, which is clearly marked inside and out.
  2. Add your chosen stock up to the maximum level, again marked inside and out.
  3. Place the lid on.
  4. Plug in.
  5. Select you chosen mode – smooth or chunky.
  6. Press start.

21 minutes later soup is ready and blended. I have used it twice since getting it. I made brocolli/cauliflower/sweetcorn and also potato and leek. both were lovely and were smoothly blended.

I think I will use it several times a week because it is so quick and easy. It is also easy to clean – the blender on the lid attachment and the base can be cleaned with a cloth. It is not safe to use in the dshwasher but to me it’s not a problem as it so easy to hand clean.

I was also surprised to see that there is a function to make soya and almond/cashew milk. As I am dairy-intolerant I generally use rice or soya milk so I think I will give that a go at a later date.

I think it will also help with my weight loss as if I’m feeling peckish and have nothing pre-prepared I can whizz up some ‘free’ (slimming world term) soup in 20 minutes. The woman who recommended them at group mentioned that she gets everything ready, turns it on and then does the afternoon school run.  When they return there is hot soup ready and it’s totally safe as it turns itself off at the end of the programme. Result!

The model I bought is the Morphy Richards Soup & Milk Maker.

I was not paid to write this post and it was purchased by us.



A Vegetarian New Year

I was a vegetarian for 20-odd years. I think I became one around 1993. It was around the time that the live animal exports were featuring regularly on the news. I had been a vegetarian briefly as a student but succumbed to turkey and ham when my housemates and I made Christmas dinner. So became one again start of the nineties and remained one until about 2 years ago. I was beginning to want meat in my diet and at the time I was feeling tired all the time. Now I know I want to cut out meat again. I am lactose intolerant as  I discovered last year. So I will be practically vegan but will continue to eat eggs because I love them. There are lots of resources out there and I have been reading Forks Over Knives and Veganuary.