B12: Why it’s not just a vegan problem


Very interesting article about B12.


A Vegetarian New Year

I was a vegetarian for 20-odd years. I think I became one around 1993. It was around the time that the live animal exports were featuring regularly on the news. I had been a vegetarian briefly as a student but succumbed to turkey and ham when my housemates and I made Christmas dinner. So became one again start of the nineties and remained one until about 2 years ago. I was beginning to want meat in my diet and at the time I was feeling tired all the time. Now I know I want to cut out meat again. I am lactose intolerant as  I discovered last year. So I will be practically vegan but will continue to eat eggs because I love them. There are lots of resources out there and I have been reading Forks Over Knives and Veganuary.