Glastonbury clear-up begins as music fans head home – in pictures

Glastonbury clear-up begins as music fans head home – in pictures

I was looking through these photos of the aftermath of the Glastonbury festival and they show really well our disposable, throw-away society. Unbelievable how people care so little that they can buy tents, chairs, sleeping bags … and just leave them behind. And the rubbish strewn fields make me sick. I know the bins are overflowing but I could never just drop rubbish where I stand. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Portrush Coastal Zone

The family went on a wee trip to Portrush today to visit The Coastal Zone which opens for the summer months.

We hadn’t been there for a long time. It’s a great wee spot and the 4 of us really enjoyed it. There are a few live exhibits such as pipe fish; starfish; anemones; sea urchins etc. There are also whale and dolphin bones etc.

We asked one of the members of staff about the mermaid’s purses which were suspended in a tank. We quite often find the empty purses washed up on local beaches.

My youngest had a great time taking photos and the following are his:

Emerging …

Minke whale washed up in 2003 at Giant’s Causeway

We never find hermit crabs this big



The Mermaid’s Purses

18 Summers

I was reading something recently and it said that we only have 18 summers with our children as children, young people. It really hit home with me just how short a time we have with them as children. 18 short years …

I am determined to make the most of my time with my boys. I have been lucky to have worked part time since my eldest was a baby (with just 8 months full time at one stage). I have absolutely no regrets. I could have worked full time and gone for more promotions. If I had  we would have had more money to spend on the house, on better cars and more foreign holidays but what I hope my children remember was that I was there a lot for them, that I was at every sports day, Christmas concert, Nativity Play etc.  They always say they like it that I can leave them to school and am here after school. When my eldest was born I really wanted to stay at home and was quite jealous of the stay-at-home mums but we needed another wage so part time it was. That was the right thing for me and my family and is absolutely not a criticism of those mothers who work full time. I have many friends and family members who work full time. I have followed my heart and that is what has worked for us.

I hope that the boys have wonderful childhood memories like I have of my childhood. It is our role as parents to give them the childhood they deserve. I see lots of quotes online about motherhood and there is so much pressure on mothers to be ‘perfect’. There is so much criticism of mothers on social media and I find it quite disgusting how a seemingly innocent comment can attract such nastiness and hatred. We can only do our best and follow our hearts.

My house is loud and messy.

That’s OK, because someday it will be quiet, spotless and lonely.


Donegal Day Trip

A beautiful sunny day here and a wee day out was called for. We are just a few miles away from Magilligan where a ferry runs to Greencastle in Donegal every 45 minutes or so. It’s quick and cheap (only £13 return) and allows quick access to Donegal and the Lough Foyle shoreline.  We set off this morning with the  aim of walking along the shoreline from Moville towards Greencastle.The route is downloadable here:

There’s a car park near the shore in Moville village and then you can walk for 4 km along the shore path. There are lots of little beaches to explore along the way and lots of benches for resting or just stopping to soak up the sun. This is great for me as I’m an avid beachcomber. There’s a watersports centre where you can hire kayaks etc and Moville village is small and quaint.


Look at this cute little library we saw down by the shore in Moville village!
I just want to step over but unfortunately it leads into someone’s garden
What a beautiful boat sculpture made from driftwood … called ‘Splinter’ … love it
Love this sign.






Summer holidays

It’s 3 weeks until both my boys are off for 8 weeks summer holidays and I am off the whole summer too. I cannot wait. I have been checking out cheap and easy ideas for entertaining them. Pinterest has loads of great ideas. As we try things out I’m going to record what we did, if they were a success etc. I’m hoping the weather will be good/dry/sunny/hot so we can get out and about. Fingers crossed.