Portrush Coastal Zone

The family went on a wee trip to Portrush today to visit The Coastal Zone which opens for the summer months. http://www.portrush.org.uk/listing_detail.php?SLT=153&SSC=Attractions&SC=Experience

We hadn’t been there for a long time. It’s a great wee spot and the 4 of us really enjoyed it. There are a few live exhibits such as pipe fish; starfish; anemones; sea urchins etc. There are also whale and dolphin bones etc.

We asked one of the members of staff about the mermaid’s purses which were suspended in a tank. We quite often find the empty purses washed up on local beaches.

My youngest had a great time taking photos and the following are his:

Emerging …

Minke whale washed up in 2003 at Giant’s Causeway

We never find hermit crabs this big



The Mermaid’s Purses

Glenariff Forest Park

A bracing start to the new year. I resolved last year to walk more and see lots more of our beautiful wee country. So I am starting this year as I mean to go on. Did The Waterfall Walk in the Glenariff forest park this afternoon. It was misty and drizzling while we were there but we were undeterred and had a lovely walk, followed by an al fresco picnic. Cold, wet and happy. I loved it.